Driver still at large after deadly Minneapolis crash involving stolen Hyundai

MINNEAPOLIS — People in Minneapolis were frustrated Wednesday after police said someone driving a stolen vehicle took an innocent life.

The accident occurred at North Washington Avenue and 21st Avenues around 7:30 pm on Tuesday.

Paper Cutz Barber Shop is owned by Jaycee Cargill, a barber.

Cargill stated, “We keep a pretty positive vibe here.”

Tuesday was a very heavy day – and a really sad one. The crash occurred just feet away from the front door of the shop.

Cargill stated, “All of a sudden, you hear…I don’t think I even heard brakes…it just sounded like ‘boom’.”



The police say a driver in a Hyundai that was stolen crashed into a classic vehicle’s driver, and then fled.

Cargill stated, “By time I got out of the house he had already started running up the road.”

The victim was the most dramatic part of the scene. Cargill said he saw first responders try CPR but it was already too late.

He said, “As soon as I saw the guy on the ground…I knew he was severely hurt.” “This car theft situation, we have to act now.”

The police tell WCCO that this is a part of a larger problem they’re trying to solve, as dozens of vehicles are stolen every day. Between July 11-17, 163 vehicles were taken – 63% of which were either KIAs and Hyundais.

WCCO reported that Hyundais and KIAs were more susceptible to theft. Now, the hope is that no more lives will be lost.

Cargill stated, “We need to act now on this stolen car issue.”

The Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said his office was still conducting a civil investigation into the automakers KIA & Hyundai.

Ellison stated that “at the end of it all, they have moral responsibility and we will find out if they have legal responsibility.”

He claims that the companies are partly responsible for the increase in thefts, including the more than 100 reported in Minneapolis last week.

“The thieves who steal cars are wrong in every way and should be held responsible. Ellison added that corporate responsibility was also an issue. “They need to make the cars as safe as any other car on the road. But they aren’t doing that.”

Ellison, along with other attorneys general, were denied a recall request in March. Ellison insists that this will not stop his office from pursuing a possible lawsuit.

Ellison stated that “they still may be sued under theories such as negligence, nuisance, and other things.”

Ellison refused to say when or if a suit would be filed. However, he said that if your KIA, Hyundai, or other vehicle has been stolen, you should call his office.

No arrests have been made in the deadly accident that occurred on Tuesday. The victim is yet to be identified.


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