East Metro: Some severe storms are possible on Monday afternoon.

According to the Twin Cities Office of the National Weather Service, there’s a possibility of severe weather on Monday afternoon or evening in the east metro.

Meteorologist Melissa Dye says that if these storms are to develop in the Twin Cities area, they will most likely do so over Ramsey Dakota and Washington Counties.

The NWS warns that the main threats are large hail, damaging wind and frequent lightning. Heavy rains are a secondary risk.

A map and graphic illustrating the threat for severe storms over Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin.
On Monday, July 10th, 2023, scattered severe storms could affect the Twin Cities’ east metro area in the evening and afternoon. Illustration courtesy of National Weather Service office in Twin Cities.

Dye, in a Monday interview, said that Wisconsin may be the state facing a greater storm threat.

It’s best to get out of the house before late afternoon if you’re looking to take advantage of Monday’s warm weather, which will feature sunshine and temperatures in the nineties.

Dye explains that storms could appear anywhere between 4 pm and 6 pm.

By sunset on Monday (8:59 pm), things should be quiet.

Dye tells us that “it’ll be done by 9 pm.”

The rest of the week will be milder, with temperatures hovering around the 80s. Dye said there’s a possibility of showers but not enough for the drought to be eased.


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