Fire in St. Paul’s Highland Park may have been caused by fireworks. 30 people displaced.

The fire department reported that an apartment fire in St. Paul’s Highland Park caused about 30 people to be displaced and estimated damage of $2 million.

The fire that occurred on Saturday afternoon did not result in any injuries. According to Deputy Chief Roy Mokosso, investigators discovered firework debris near the place where the fire began. Residents reported hearing fireworks before they saw flames on the grass. The police are helping with the investigation.

On July 8, 2023 in St. Paul, a fire started on a lawn in the 1300 Block of St. Paul Avenue. The fire spread from the trees that were against the apartment to the attic above third-floor flats. (Courtesy the St. Paul Fire Department).

About 4:20 pm on Saturday, firefighters responded to reports of a grassfire on the lawn of a building in the 1300 Block of St. Paul Avenue. Mokosso stated that wind gusts of up to 22 mph, as well as dry conditions, contributed to the rapid spread of the fire from the trees in front of the apartment building into the attic above the third-floor apartments.

Mokosso stated that firefighters put out the fire with “extensive efforts” after the building was evacuated. Over 60 firefighters responded to the incident and remained on site for more than four hours.

The Minnesota Red Cross has provided temporary shelters and other assistance to residents of the 17 units.

The estimated $2 million damage to the building structure and contents is 2 million dollars.


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